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Library Rules  


The following persons are allowed to use the Library:

All registered students of the College.

All members of faculty, administrative, technical and other staff.

Registered corporate clients.

All persons registered to use the Library are required to abide by the regulations of the Library.



Good order and silence shall be maintained in the Library at all times.

Smoking, eating, drinking or sleeping in the library is prohibited.

Booking of seats in the library is prohibited.

Use of mobile phones in the library is prohibited

The marking, defacing or mutilation of any library material including audiovisual material is strictly prohibited.

Any materials such as ink bottles, paints, which may accidentally damage library property, will not be brought into the library. All readers leaving the library in possession of books, papers, bag and overcoats must show them to the Library security at the exit point

Reshelving of materials used within the library is prohibited. Materials used should be left on the tables or unshelved books shelves

Time allowed for usage of the library must be observed. After the second bell every library user should be on their way out.

No visitor will be allowed to tour, use library facilities except with express permission of the Librarian


Borrowing (General)

All library materials may be borrowed including audiovisual materials with the exception of reference works, periodicals, press cuttings, American Collection, Africana , UN collections and materials in great demand placed temporarily on short loan.

Loaned items may not be transferred from one borrower to another but must be returned to the library and formally re-issued.

Borrowers are held personally responsible for the safe custody of any materials on loan to them.

They shall be required to pay the cost of replacement of any item, which is lost while on loan to them.

Borrowers shall also be liable to pay compensation as may be fixed by the Librarian for any damage on any items while on loan to them.

Loans of any Library material to other libraries may be allowed at the discretion of the Chief Librarian.

Library material borrowed from other libraries is subject to the conditions of the lending library.

The Senior Librarian is empowered to decline to issue any particular item or items or to restrict their circulation.


Period of Loan

Faculty may borrow fifteen (15) circulating books for two (2) months.

All items on loan must be returned at the end of every semester and may only be renewed by re-issue.

Utalii Students (3) circulating books for a period of two (2) weeks.

Staff for may borrow two (2) books for a maximum period of one (1) months

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