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Collection & Services

Encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, handbooks, yearbooks and other reference books are shelved on the ground floor, overlooking the Check in/ checkout counter.


Short Loan Collection

Recommended books, periodical articles, high demand magazines, journals and newspapers are placed in the Short Loan Collection. Nbsp; Also in this collection are staff papers, graduate students projects, and press cuttings. These are loaned for a limited period of time ranging between 30 minutes and 2 hours.


Audio-Visual collection

The new library has a variety of different types of audio visual materials which can be used in the library or borrowed for a limited period of time. This collection is housed on the fist floor at the short loan section.


Course Texts

Course texts are issued to students to meet their core readings needs in their specific areas of study. These resources are loaned to students and faculty for an entire term. They are issued at the beginning of each term and must be returned at the end of the term.


Online Public Access Catalogs (OPAC)

The OPAC searches will provide information on what is in stock in the Library collections: Course Text, Main Library, Short Loan, Periodicals, Theses, American Studies, Videos, Audio, CD-ROMs. The OPAC should be your logical starting point for any literature search, and is very user-friendly as it accepts any keywords, subject headings, author names and titles. ALWAYS start here to find out whether your information needs are provided for at your Library. We hope every one of our esteemed patrons will acquire and develop the necessary information searching skills. You should be able to find out what is in stock and relevant to your search query or topic of interest through searching the OPAC, which is installed on all the computers in the Centre.

The sound proof theatre is fitted with audio viewing workstations on the first floor. Individual library patrons will now easily take advantage of the video as a learning resource. The library has a fairly diverse and enriching collection of videos. All the videos can be found through the OPAC search.

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