46th Graduation Ceremony

We welcome you all to our 46th Graduation Ceremony that will be held both physically and virtually.


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On behalf of the Ministry Tourism and Wildlife, I congratulate the Kenya Utalii College Governing Council, Management, Staff and Students on the Institution’s 46th Graduation Ceremony. This event is a major milestone for the institution, the Ministry and Nation at large.
As a graduate of Kenya Utalii College, the industry both locally and internationally expects you to exhibit professionalism as well as high standards of service delivery. During your time at the College you developed a set of distinctive qualities which describes the knowledge, skills, and personal attributes that you will require in this constantly changing industry.
Finally, Graduands, you have acquired an international outlook. A capacity for critical thought and lifelong learning; as well as an ability to demonstrate an awareness and sensitivity to hospitality and tourism operations in the marketplace. You are now well equipped to succeed, confident in the knowledge and skills you possess.
Hongera and God Bless you all.

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I congratulate the entire Kenya Utalii College fraternity for achieving its 46th Graduation Ceremony. The College continues to successfully execute its mandate of undertaking training and capacity building for the hospitality and tourism industry.
This day is one of celebration as you mark the beginning of a new and exciting phase of life. It is also an occasion on which to look forward to the opportunities available to you in the service industry. However, as a professional always remember to keep abreast of the changing trends to guarantee a satisfied customer.
In the words of Michelle Obama, “Be Focused, Be Determined, Be Hopeful, Be empowered. You have empowered yourselves with a good education, (now) get out there and use (your) education to build a country worthy of your boundless promise. Lead by example with hope, never fear”.
Congratulations to all the graduands.

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On behalf of the Kenya Utalii College Governing Council, I congratulate the Three hundred and ninety-five (395) students graduating this year. This graduating class of 2022 has faced unique challenges and we thank them for their determination and perseverance in light of a situation that we had not faced before as an institution or as a country. Today is the culmination of a journey that took longer than usual due to the interruptions occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic. During this period the Country and College faced closure and disruptions to normal learning. It is exciting to be here today to witness and share in this very special moment in the lives of you, our students, as you make the transition from a student to a professional ready to contribute to the hospitality and tourism industry not only in Kenya but in the world.
Your hard work, determination and patience has paid off. We join join you, along with your parents and guardians in celebrating this moment. Our prayer is that you will fly the Kenya Utalii College Flag high and that you will be good ambassadors for the College and our Country. The attributes and competencies you gained while at the College will be a valuable ally on your life's journey, may they provide you with guidance as you navigate the challenges that you will face.
The College Council thanks the Principal & Chief Executive Officer, his management team and staff for the role that they played in preparing these students to face the challenges of industry. You have inspired the next generation of professionals and trust they will make you proud. To the parents, guardians, sponsors, industry stakeholders, well-wishers and the many people who have walked with us on this journey, thank you for supporting us over the years.
Congratulations to the class of 2022, we wish you success in your careers and in your lives.  

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On behalf of the Management, Staff and Students of Kenya Utalii College, I wish to congratulate the graduands 2022 of Three hundred and ninety-five (395) on this day when we celebrate the 46th Graduation Ceremony. We are proud of each one of you and we wish you every success as you embark on your journey as professionals in the hospitality and tourism industry.
In the course of your training, you undertook an intensive competency based training. You were equipped with skills and knowledge in your respective operational areas, ready to meet the challenges and expectations of the industry. This is especially so, in this new era of information, digitization and globalization. Nothing brought this home more than the Covid-19 pandemic, which resulted in people remaining in their homes or locations for extended periods of time.
I believe you are cognizant of the new customer and their expectations. You bring to the industry your energy, vibrancy and fresh new ideas that aim to enhance the already existing systems. The Management, Staff and Students are proud of each and every one of you and we encourage you to soar to the greatest heights possible.
We, KUC family, are all pleased to share the excitement of this day with you and with the people who have supported you throughout your studies: your families, guardians, friends and your mentors.
As you begin your new life as Kenya Utalii College graduates, we wish you every success, happiness and prosperity.
Congratulations and fly the Utalii flag high!

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About Kenya Utalii College

Kenya Utalii College (KUC) is a leading African hospitality and tourism training institution. Established 50 years ago the College has trained over 70,000 graduates from around the world who continue to serve in the local and international hospitality and tourism industry.

The institution is an affiliate member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Some of our courses have acquired accreditation by the Tourism Education Quality (TEDQUAL) certification body. 

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